Heavenly Waters

Bushfire Ready

Toodyay is within a Bushfire Prone Area, Tourism land uses are considered vulnerable land uses under SPP 3.7 and the preparation of a Bushfire Management Plan (BMP) and an Emergency Evacuation Plan (EEP) should be undertaken in accordance with the Guidelines for a vulnerable land use.

Heavenly Waters engaged certified fire engineering consultant (Bushfire Prone Planning Pty Ltd) to develop the Bushfire Management Plan and Emergency Evacuation Plan. These plans provide instruction to the landowners on how to minimise the likelihood and consequence of bushfire, furthermore in the event of bushfire provides visitors with information how to respond. Heavenly Waters shall not operate during times of extreme and catastrophic fire danger ratings and may choose to also close during times of high to severe weather conditions. Guests will be made familiar with the emergency evacuation procedures, associated triggers and actions in the event of Bushfire.

Heavenly Waters is bushfire ready
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